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Folding Hand Truck

The folding hand truck is a lightweight form of collapsible dolly, with aluminum and other cart types offered en masse.

A folding hand truck is a remarkably useful asset for ensuring that you have the tools to tackle a big job, wherever you may be.  These are special dolly trucks that are meant to be folded into an easy to carry, and easier to store, small shape.  This way they take up practically no space at all, and can fit inside literally any vehicle.   You’ll have a folding hand truck that you can count on to help you carry items without relying on your body strength.  Plus you won’t have to sacrifice a lot of storage space in your vehicle to do so.  All you really have to do is find the right cart that’s completely up to the task.

Any folding hand truck will function in about the same way, no matter how they may be designed.  Most typically the folding action works by allowing the handles to fold completely into the body itself.  Then, the dock folds up as well, so that you end up with an extremely compact unit.  Of course there isn’t much you can do about the wheels, but they don’t take up too much space anyway.  With a folding hand truck you can fit the unit into any small vehicle, so that you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to carry your haul, no matter how limited your storage space may be.  This can really be a stress relief, both mentally and physically.

Of course, there are a few important decisions you’ll have to make, as to which folding hand truck will work for you under the circumstances.  Not all hand carts are equal, and some may not be up to the tasks that you have set.  Perhaps the most important aspect of any folding hand truck, is ensuring that it can handle the amount of weight that you’ll need to carry.  These carts run the gauntlet from only being able to support small loads at a maximum of 150lbs.  But then there are also carts capable of hauling 550lbs.  Choose one that has the perfect capability to stand up to the task that you have set.  Otherwise you can run into problems when you try to lift too much weight at one time.

Another important factor to consider, is the type of folding hand truck you choose to accomplish your tasks.  There are the more typical versions that feature two wheels, and require that you tilt the cart to carry your weight.  But then there are full cart versions, completely with a wide dock that you can lay any awkward shape onto, and then roll it to the location in which it is needed.  The right type for you simply depends upon what you’ll be carrying.  While a standard folding hand truck will get by under most circumstances, a larger dock may become necessary to accomplish some tasks.

Finding the right folding hand truck when you’re looking to buy, can also be somewhat difficult, especially when you’re in the market for a heavy duty model.  For that reason, you may want to consider shopping online, through a website like where you can find any type of cart you could possibly need.  There you’ll find a folding hand truck that’s perfect for the task at hand, so that you can get the job done in complete confidence.

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